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We understand that improving patient outcomes and satisfaction is your number one priority – that’s why we’ve spent years working with some of the world's leading Podiatrists and Dermatologists. However any investment in a clinic must be sustainable, to enable you to build your business and offer the best clinical expertise to the widest patient population.

Is Swift® right for your clinic?

Peter Thomson, a private podiatrist from Dunfermline, describes the impact Swift has had on his business: 

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We only want you to invest in Swift if it will make a positive impact on your clinic – so we have developed several tools which will allow you to easily see how Swift can help build your practice.

For a quick guide on feasibility, use our ROI calculator app to see how quickly your Swift unit will become profitable, along with a breakdown of Weekly and Annual GP estimations.  For a more detailed breakdown of the results and how Swift can positively impact your clinic, contact your local area saorsa consultant. 

The Swift® network

Once you’ve decided that Swift is the right treatment for your patients, we’ll add you to the Swift Network – a dedicated website that is actively marketed to the patient population and lets new patients who are searching for solutions know that you carry the Swift treatment. The site includes a map that shows patients where their nearest clinic is, advice on treatment options, what to expect and testimonials from patients who have received the treatment. All media that features Swift is also uploaded here, along with clinical data and before and after images – all the information a patient needs to make an informed treatment choice that's right for them. 

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